Which drug store highlighters are worth and it and which are not? Read about it here!

Us makeup lovers are always on the hunt for an awesome highlighter, am I right? And what makes an awesome highlighter even better (to me) is an affordable price. So, I headed to Walmart to snag some. I chose Walmart because they seem to have the biggest selection of drug store cosmetics in my area.Read more


  *Pictures shown in order they are listed and swatches at the end!   Wearing makeup has been extremely rare the past couple of weeks due to my current obsession with Prison Break on Netflix… The fiancé and I CAN’T STOP WATCHING IT. It’s amazing. But anyway, yesterday evening when I was doing my makeup,Read more

10 Must-Have Products for Acne-Prone Skin

    If you are like me, you know the struggles of having acne. You have to watch what you put on your skin, what you eat, and even what is coming into contact with your skin (phone, pillow cases, your hands, etc.) Lately, I have been doing just that and I am seeing hugeRead more